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Refill Program

Our Program is Sauce(tainable)

About Our Refill Program

We handcraft our unique, bold sauces in an extremely thoughtful way, and we are equally as thoughtful with our approach to the rest of everything Smitty's does. We are committed to high quality results for our customers, our community, and our planet. To exemplify this, we are bringing an eco-friendly, sustainable program to our sauce sales.

Introducing sauce refills: bring back your bottle for a refill to keep your life flavorful all while saving the environment!

Just when you thought we couldn't get saucier, we decided to spice it up with deals for our most loyal customers. By saving your bottle and getting a refill, you will get a discount on any sauce purchased!*

*Savings dependent on bottle size and contingent on cleanliness of bottle provided.

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How do I refill?

Pokey Mustard BBQ Sauce

Step 1

Purchase one of our glass bottles at Smitty's Lockdown BBQ

Carolina Vinegar BBQ Sauce

Step 2

Ask a member of our team to fill it up with your favorite refillable sauce

Bama White BBQ Sauce

Step 3

Once you've used all of your favorite sauce, bring back the sauce bottle and refill it at discounted price

What sauce can I refill?

You can refill any sauce of your choosing, just don't peel the label. Bring the bottle with the label on, choose what sauce you'd like to refill, and you'll receive a discount. Enjoy the discounts while caring for the planet and saving the environment!

How much discount do I get?

Every refill takes the following discount:

1 gallon (128 Oz) -$8.00

1/2(64.00 oz) Gallon-$6.00

1/4 Gallon (32 oz) -$4.00

12 oz - $2.00

To see all of our sauces, visit the page below

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